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Trusted to work at the highest levels of content confidentiality in the industry, we share our portfolio strictly via one-on-one presentations only (request yours here). Below, discover a behind-the-scenes look at how we help you solve problems through custom presentation design, strategy development and more through our agency services.


Put Your Best Foot Forward as a Campaign and a Company

In the competitive world of the entertainment industry, you have to put your best foot forward and sell your most quality content. Everything is on the line - millions of media impressions, securing promotional partners, exciting fans, etc. We help you make the most compelling, engaging impression possible so you feel confident you can have the greatest impact.

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Secure Filmmaker and Talent Participation

Keeping filmmakers and talent in the loop is important, but gaining their support is invaluable. We create presentations that are strategic, that do justice to and honor their content, instill confidence and engagement from your some of your most pivotal and hard to secure stakeholders.

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Maximize Your Marketing Dollars and Efficiently Leverage Your Internal Resources

We know the old way of doing presentations is costing you time, money and support. The average filmmaker deck takes 30-60 hours to complete and there are fifty things your coordinators and junior execs should be doing and would be doing better - if they weren't having to burn the midnight oil on the next major presentation. The results are decks that are always mediocre, rushed, and leaving money and valuable partnerships on the table.

Now, we're here as your efficient presentation experts, ready to deliver decks and other creative needs on time and on strategy. Finally, your team can get back to the business of running your campaign (as you should) and you can feel confident in what you're using to sell it.

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Sell Your Campaign and Content to Every Stakeholder

Pretty slides are nice - but we don't just build great looking slides. We craft presentations through design and attention to detail and strategy. What is the story you are trying to tell? What are the campaign strategies you're needing to sell and get buy-in on? How do we communicate these considerations visually, in a way that engages and entertains?

Compelling presentations start with slides, but they sell with strategy. We do both so you can sell your campaign and content to every stakeholder - internal and external - from synergy partners, to talent, to Comic-Con Hall H audiences.

Slide Presentation Example by Slide Star - LA Creative Agency

Creatively Extend Your Content

It starts with presentations, but extends to so much more. We help you develop and execute strategic marketing creative that does justice to your content – we will craft everything from one-pagers and social graphics to alternative posters and creative.

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Easily Outsource Projects and Skip the Hand-holding

Say goodbye to the stress of hiring traditional creative agencies who have never built a pitch deck, a marketing campaign overview, or a filmmaker presentation.

We came from the studio side, so we know what these decks are and how to build them powerfully and beautifully. Hand over your raw information and details and watch us efficiently turn them into compelling content - no hand-holding necessary.

You don't have the time or the resources to babysit and pay an agency that doesn't get it. – we are insiders who know exactly what you need, regardless of who the audience is.  

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